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Butterfly Lasem Batik Art

Butterfly Lasem Batik Art is Lasem Batik Art which has the main motive stylization of butterfly ornament. Typically, Butterfly motif of Lasem Batik Art is harmonized with stylization of other flora and fauna ornament, such as the various flowers and dragonflies.

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Butterfly Lasem Batik ArtButterfly Lasem Batik Art highly favored by batik lovers, because the batik has artistic and philosophical value. Naturally, if the batik lovers often make Butterfly Lasem Batik Art as an art collection.

The beauty of Butterfly Lasem Batik Art accordance with the beauty of butterflies that are often sprinkled with iridescent colors. The beauty is a reflection of the beauty of the art of batik which is the result of Javanese and Chinese cultural assimilation in Lasem Rembang Central Java, Indonesia.

So, Butterfly Lasem Batik Art is not just patterned fabric for fashion of interested. Batterfly Lasem Batik Art is fine art that have penetrated deep into the realm of the aesthetic, to always radiate the beauty. So, Butterfly Lasem Batik Art deserved to be collected.

Butterfly Lasem Batik Art also has a philosophical meaning. Butterfly ornament in Lasem Batik Art motifs often perceived as a symbol of wisdom and hope for the formation of human life.

The Chinese interpret the butterfly as a symbol of marital love the eternal. The love story of two lovers in legend of Sampek Engatai or ShanboYintai is a visual interpretation of the Bautterfly Lasem Batik Art philosophical meaning.

Butterfly Lasem Batik Art also a source of inspiration that can motivate people to live more meaningful. Metamorphosis is the way butterflies teach wisdom and truth of life.

Butterfly life that originated from an egg, then a caterpillar to a cocoon, a reflection of powerlessness flow, growth, contemplation, and ends at the beauty Implemantasi be more beneficial to the environment.

Essentially, butterfly metamorphosis is a mirror for the authenticity of human life. And… Butterfly Lasem Batik Art help keep actuality noble values ​​metamorphosis that is easily digested human mind and heart.

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